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New Product Lines

New Product Lines

At Dawson E&E Parts (Europe) we constantly seek new ways to meet our customers needs. One way in which we achieve this is by continuing to update our product range. Below are examples of this, along with the features/benefits they provide. 

Lift car air disinfectant purifier

  • Duel functionality, Highly efficient air disinfectant and purification.
  • Dissinfects and purifys all areas of elevator car and shaft
  • Peacefull coexistence of human and machine to achive real-time disinfection and purification
  • Ultra-thin design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Intelligent Biological recognition

The elevator disinfection and purification machine adopts ultra-thin aluminum alloy shell design, which is perfectly integrated with the elevator car. The wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted installation method reduces installation and maintenance costs; it also supports integration into the COP, and the concealed
installation method allows the elevator More beautiful and generous. Biometric technology can effectively identify whether the elevator is occupied or not. ...Continue

UVC LED Sterilization Lamp for Escalator Handrails

  • Exposes the handrail surface by ultraviolet light to achieve the function of sterilization and anti-virus
  • • Service life of the LED lamp is 20,000 hours when always on.
  • • Equivalent to 12 hours of work per day,it can work for 5 years.
  • • All types of escalators are suitable for installation.

The handrail UV device uses germicidal ultraviolet C light to expose the handrails at a short distance.....Continue 


Automated systems to continually narrate along a rider’s path up and down the escalator, delivering safety messages, area information, or even entertainment. Pre-recorded and custom messages are available in multiple languages....Continue

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About Dawson E&E Parts (Europe) Ltd:

For over 17 years Dawson E&E Parts (Europe) Ltd have been a pioneering force in the escalator industry. Supplying major manufacturers and service providers across the european escalator market with OEM & Aftermarket parts for all makes & models of escalators on both commercial and public transport escalators. Over 15,000 stock parts are held and distributed from our two UK based warehouses, allowing us to provide next day delivery into most of Europe.

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Part identification
Part identification