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Tesco: Keeping The Shopper Shopping

Tesco: Keeping The Shopper Shopping

With over six and a half thousand stores and the third largest retailer worldwide, Tesco is well and truly a household hypermarket name. Many of their new stores are within towns, where the price of land is extremely high. To match their dominance and range of products of their out of town hypermarket stores they have had to build UP.

Building UP, means they need to move their customers UP relying on escalators, Travolators and auto-walks 24/7. To keep these machines moving they require spare parts quickly as the maintenance companies are unable to stock the correct and appropriate quantity of required spares to keep all their machines operational. Here at Dawson E&E Parts (Europe) Ltd we lend a helping hand keeping over 15,000 spare parts available for collection, same day or next day delivery across Europe* in our 20,000 sq Ft facility in Bristol, England.

We have built ourselves as a key piece in the complex jigsaw that is the escalator industry, aiding the manufacturers and key maintenance suppliers with the ability to keep their customers happy with fully operational machines, moving people to where they need to be.

*- Collection and same day delivery is only available in the UK.

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